About RumorHQ

Originally from the South Waikato and now based out of Hamilton - we are RumorHQ.

The opportunity presented itself and it's no ‘Rumor', we took the plunge!

We get to turn a dream into reality, bring our pictures to life and share it with the world.

No one could possibly know where this will lead.

But the best part about chasing a dream is, you get to choose what you wear while doing it!

Keep it real, be down for the adventure and stay humble no matter what.

About RumorHQ

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OUR Dream & Core Values

Our dream is to bring a new breed of funky streetwear to New Zealand!

RumorHQ provides our family with a creative outlet - a joint project where we can collaborate and work together to build a future for ourselves.

Following our dream is important to us, and we graciously appreciate the support we receive from all of our customers, followers and fans.

Ultimately, our dream is to provide for our whānau, and in doing so, to give a little piece of ourselves to each customer that buys.


We're a small business run by an everyday family for everyday people.


Bringing a smile to your face brings a smile to ours - we love making you happy!


We're based in the mighty Waikato and super proud to be 100% NZ based.